Microsoft has released its first Windows Phone 7 update, codenamed NoDo, which brings the much vaunted Copy and Paste functionality to the platform, as well as other performance and interface enhancements, including better application and game performance and reduced load/resume times, improved Windows Marketplace search functions, and enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity and configuration options.
Other improvements include some Outlook interface and compatibility enhancements, better Facebook synchronization, improved MMS reception and display, and, another much wanted feature – stability while switching between video and still camera modes.
True-multitasking and other major feature additions including IE9 and native Twitter integration will now come with the Mango update, expected to release in the second half of the year – possibly on the 1 year anniversary of the platform in October.

If you are wondering how to update your WP7, you should receive a Microsoft notification on the device itself, informing you of the update’s availability, expected to arrive across devices within the week. The installation should happen OTA.