When surfing the web,be it Facebook,Twitter or any other site,you may come across videos that you would want to watch.If you are pressed of time and want to watch them later,all you have to do is send them to Radbox.me
Once you sign up and create an account,all you have to do is create a bookmark by placing ‘Add to Radbox’ button in the Bookmarks toolbar.The next time you come across a video that you want to watch,simply click on ‘Add to Radbox’,and your video will be saved in the Radbox menu for you to view later.Radbox supports IE,Firefox,Chrome,Safari and Opera browsers.
In Radbox,you can save videos from over 75 websites,including popular sites like Youtube,Vimeo,Facebook,Hulu,Metacafe,Digg etc.When you set up your account at Radbox,you will be given a unique email address to which you can email the links of the videos you would like to bookmark.These videos will then automatically show up in your Radbox account.It’s also possible to add videos from Goggle Reader into your Radbox account by simply creating a custom link in Google Reader.You can even add videos in Radbox from your iPhone or Android mobile devices.
The best part about this service is that you can watch all the videos bookmarked in your Radbox account on any Flash-compatible device.As of know,setting up an account on Radbox is free.